Why hasn't my boyfriend called in 2 days?

I just started seeing this guy about 1 month ago, and we usually text each other every day all day and see each other usually just on the weekends and we have sleepovers, he says that he really likes me and right now were just getting to know each other before we jump into a serious relationship. I always suspected he was a player but when I asked him about it he always said that " there was something about me that was different, and he would never wanna hurt me " and that made him like me more and not be that way or anything.. but I haven't talked to him for 2 days now and when we last talked everything was good between us he just randomly wasn't answering my texts, I tried to get my friends to text him too but he didn't answer there texts, and I tried calling him a bunch of times too and I'm really worried. I drove to his house and his car was there but he wasn't or his parents, so I called when they got home and they said they seen him this morning when they left for work but haven't heard from him since then.. what is he doing? is he trying to play hard to get with me ?


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  • Not good. He is a player. he's messing with ur feelings. if he really likes you then he would have been called. he's avoiding you. he was home this morning, he could of called you from the house phone if somethng happened to his cell phone, but he didnt, so plain and simple he's not taking you serious as you want him to be. don't believe everything that comes out of a guy's mouth

    • I finally did get a hold of him, and his phone was being fixed. this weekend he went camping and hasn't texted me again for 2 days.. but we planned to hang out tonight so ill have to see how that goes. also everyone tells me he's a player, but I always ask him about it and he promises he isn't and says that there is something "different" about me that he likes that would never want to be that way towords me.. ughh iuno what ot do

    • Idk girl, give it more time with him. its possible for a guy to be a player but meets a girl that he actually likes and changes his ways but what bothers me is that he couldn't have called you from the house phone? friends phone? did he tell you he went camping? do you believe that? I dont, but I don't know him.....be careful, watch his motives and kind of take in what everyone else is saying about him. ..talk to him tonight and see where his head is...

  • his having a sleep over somene elses house. his a player plain and simple :0)