How do I initiate texting a girl I like at work?

She sends mixed signals. Whenever I'm talking to this other girl, she's always saying I should leave the other girl alone. When a customer jokingly called us bf and gf, she was telling everyone about it. So how to do I start talking to her so I don't look weird.


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  • Well, first think about how she was telling everyone about the customer's comment. Was she happy? Weirded out? And then if you have her number, just ask her out! Movie or go carting, something fun man! And don't pretend to be something you're not. Being genuine goes a long way!


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  • Just spark up a decent conversation in person with her. And it depends on the way she was telling everyone about the whole joking around being bf and gf. Simply by complimenting her work clothes with a "you look nice today" can have her say thanks and she might initiate a conversation. Answer mines please (:

  • just be like hi how are u whats been up with u and then shell be like nothing just enjoying the weekend and then u can say oh yeah? what kinda plans do u have? and shell say oh just going to the movies and then u can say lets go together!

    or be like yo whats ur number i have to send u this funny picture


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