What are you guys going to do if you where me? I'm scared?

I'm a 16 years old nigerian girl, 17 these year. My dad says that none of his children will ever marry a white person!
I'm a black girl, I've always been in a interracial relationship, I've never had a black boyfriend because where I stay there are no black guys, so I've only date white guys.
My dad never wants me to have boyfriend, but I hide it from him. He's a very strict nigerian dad.
He don't want me to be with any white guys, and he says in the future "any of my child that marries o date a white guy will not live to enjoy life, I brought you to life and I will take it".
I'm so scared, i feel more atractive to white guys than black just because I don't have black guys arround me, and I don't know any black guy aparte from my big brother best friend.
Can you guys help me, I'm so scard that In the future i'm going to have serious problem with my dad.
He's going to pay my university career and all those thing, and he's going to use it against me in the future like, "i paid your school career, I take care of you" and bla bla bla... Is this the way you pay me back?



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  • To me , date who I want to date. Parents and friends don't play a part

    • That true

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    • Thanks a lot, you're just amazing :)

    • thanks for mh and welcome :)

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  • Your old man is old fashion and wrong,
    Study hard , keep your white boyfriends a secret and move out as soon as you have a job,, and when you get married don't invite him to your wedding , send him a picture instead:)

  • So just don't have a boyfriend until you are well situated. Simple enough.

    Your old man is crazy.

  • for you, I would suggest stop dating unfortunately, (as you stated your father is a traditional Nigerian man.) I would think you would rather stop dating than have him found out by other means you are not following his guidance (rules) for you and suffer any family consequences. most people on here are from the states and there lives and understandings are either unaware of what you are dealing with or just don't really understand.

    but things may change for you in uni as it may be more diverse with nationalities, and you may find a Nigerian or black male possibly..

    or you do as you wish, knowing the possibilities of your choices,
    then what will you do? so really it's your choice as it's you walking in your shoes not us. does that make sense?

  • There are only white guys in Nigeria. I think you are not telling the whole truth. sorry.

    • I forgot to say, I live in Spain, I've been here all my life.

  • Nigerian girls date white guys I didn't know that

    • Trying to be sarcastic? -_-

    • No i'm not sarcastic Do you know other nigerian girls who are interested in white guys?
      You live in europe/north america? what kind of white guys are you attracted to
      Blonde or brown dark hair? Light or dark eyes? Or you prefer them all?

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  • find a job, save up till ur 18 and move out.

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