Was it me and what happened? Should I text him first?

I went on this date with a guy who wanted to go to a concert. We did and even though I'm not into the whole punk rock scene I still went and had fun. Until an ex girlfriend of his ran into us and I kind of felt awkward when they had their own conversation going for 10min. Because it was so loud in the place he would talk in my ears but very very close to me and I would flirt back by standing close to him and I gave the occasional smile. We went to Dennys and we asked each other personal and general questions about the other. We sometimes laughed but I wasn't so sure if the things I told him made him see me differently. It's been 2 days since our only date and he hasn't texted me. He used to text me everyday before we finally met up. So what changed? The only thing that I could think of that might have changed his mind about me was when he asked me about how many guys I have dated and truthfully said 6. It's not like I talked bad about my ex's at all... So I'm not sure what went wrong. Is he not into me? Is it me or him that messed it up? I made sure I was open minded with whatever he told me and most of the things about him I liked. I don't think he was like that with me though...should I just move on?

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  • You two have been out once so you have the benefit of just being able to play it cool and not do anything. If the guy texts you, cool. If he doesn't, that's cool too. You keep doing your own thing, living your life, and he's just background noise until he proves otherwise. That applies even if the reality is that he got under your skin and you can't stop thinking about him. You still just play it cool.

    Don't bother making the first move, that's on him to do. You making a move just puts the ball in his court and that's not really what you want to do early on. If his behavior changed to disinterest, the LAST thing you do is become more available/display interest. It rewards his change to cold behavior, don't do that.

    Just keep doing what you do and don't pay too much mind to this guy. Out of sight out of mind, until he gives you good reason for him to be on your mind.


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  • He was not that into you and you should move on. You didn't do anything wrong! Neither did he. This just happens from time to time where one person just doesn't like the other. I mean I wouldn't bother texting him as if he is playing a game you definitely don't want to participate in that either.

  • wait it out I think, he's probably on gag asking the same question maybe? (:
    so now its three days, other than texting anyplace else you two see each other randomly?
    so stay strong and let him make the next text or call otherwise everything sounds if things went well on your date besides him spending a little too much time w his ex. but that's his error

    • But what if it's been a week and he hasn't texted me?

    • that's a long time not to get back to you, sounds like he's unfortunately not interested or he would had made more effort right?
      his effort.. its up to you I guess, but as long as your okay with him possibly not wanting anything. then I guess you will never know till you try. good luck! I didn't know it was more than a couple of days

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