Guy pushes up date when you say you appear to be busy?

I may be overthinking this but I don't think there may be some truth to this.

To make a long story short...made plans with this guy I see. He told me he is busy today and tomorrow but maybe Monday after work. I said well I am busy today and through tomorrow afternoon anyways, so that works. Maybe 3 hours later he sends me a pic and said he was going to surprise me for Monday.

Two more hours pass and he asks me if I am free Sunday night. So now we made plans for Sunday. I am just totally confused. LOL its not a problem but I don't really see how a work related issue could come up THAT fast ( 2 hours). He does own his own business but I am wondering if this is his way of being in control or something.


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  • You're overthinking it big time.


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