Is it just excuse polite let down or just a genuine answer?

First date was great bugged me u til I finally said yes. Two days later asked me on second date this time was to his house to watch movie and bite to eat. We ate watched first movie after this I was ready to leave..Heasked me to stay for second movie so I did HOWEVER HE FELL ASLEEP 20 MINS INTO THE SECOND MOVIE. I LEFT WHILST HE WAS SLEEPING. Two hours later he texts me.Thanks for today.. I responded thank you its nice getting to know you. He responded yeah me too but I do like my own time alot!!! What does this mean a genuine response or a polite push off?


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  • If I said that I would say it to warn you not to become clingy.
    Like he might like his 1 / 2 hours a day to himself to exercise or play video games and doesn't want to be around someone every hour of the day.
    Why don't you just ask him what he means? Wouldn't hurt:)


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  • I can't focus on giving you a decent answer through all that awful grammar and horrific sentence structure.

    I'd just let it play out a little longer and see what happens.