Why am I not falling for him? Is it cause he's a good guy?

this guy really likes me but i don't like him back. The thing is, he's very sweet, good looking (most of my female friends would go for him in a blink of an eye if they had a chance), not a jerk. Basically he's a good guy and he does all these things to make me happy and he really cares about me and introduced me to his parents. I just can't seem to fall for him and it really hurts cause i don't want to hurt him or regret it later. When he told me he liked me i told him that i really dont know him (cause we weren't really close friends) but that id like to get to know him better


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  • To me you sound crazy, it's like your fighting yourself and in the mix probably Givin mixed signals, sense you added all this extra pressure to a situation that probably wasn't all that serious, and the poor guy just was "Being goofy" probably to loosen you up show his more sillier side more relaxed side because he likes you, it turn u off. So unfortunately you might have to be up front in this case tell him your not interested. Don't string him along for a "down the road " situation. It's misleading! . I don't like you now but I might like you later on , hey just stick around until I figure that out!. Yeah, no!. DROP HIM

    • then how do i turn him down without really hurting him? and yes it feels like I'm at war with myself

    • I'm sure it does feel like your at war with yourself. Cause you have to do what's right.So maybe ur putting yourself in his shoes but your not giving him the benefits of the doubt. Men &women are different. Allowing him to just be your friend by choice not force. Don't force him to look like the bigger person and not be able to admit to his real feelings for you, torture. Don't do that. You telling him you don't like him yeah it'll sting for a moment but at least you didn't lead him on.You pretending like you like him, and he finds out you didn't really like him the way you had claimed too can possibly crush him, and change his whole out look toward you and other women, that's what ruin things. The trust diminishes and so forth. Then u end up losing possibly a best friend.Just tell him you don't feel the same and your sorry. But you don't wanna lead him on. leave out all the other crap, don't change him. Cuz what you don't like about him someone else will

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  • maybe somethings telling you he's not good for you. its like me and my disaster, her mom dont like me, and her, well, she basically took everything I had. and she is so far up her exs ass...


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  • ''chemistry'' isn't there probably. you can't just like anyone who makes sense, you have to be attracted to them, which depends on a lot of brain chemical-y stuff i don't understand, pheromones and shit.

  • There is no reason, he just doesn't do it for you.

    • its been just 3 weeks do i give it more time?

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    • i disliked your comment by accident! lol, anyway when we sit alone i get this feeling as if are dating or that there something going on, but in the end of the day i just want to be friends.

    • I dont think you should try and force something that isn't there. If you liked him it would have been evident before now.

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