Girls, how would you want your SO to show you they're sorry?

if your SO does something that shows they don't fully trust you 1 year into the relationship, how would you want them to show you that they are truly sorry, is working on their issues and wants to work through this issue with you?

It's over, she broke up :) Thank you for your concerns.
broke up with me*


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  • I would just like a genuine apology. I'm all about giving people second chances. But actions speak louder than words.

    • so when you say action, what type of actions would you want to see?

    • I'm not sure what your situation is

    • basically, I checked up on my SO, and then told her I did it. It was over facebook.

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  • By eating me out

  • I don't see anything wrong with checking your SO's Facebook, I do it.

    Plus I don't mind if he does it too, really...what's the big deal with it?

    I don't believe it shows that you doing trust them...I had a relationship with my first love some years back and I trusted him 100% but I still checked his fb.

    I discovered he was flirting with this girl and asking her out on a first reaction?I said to myself "This can't be him who said this...ahh no a friend of his probably was using his fb and sent that stuff." Stupid right? Yes, I trusted him with my life and still checked his fb whenever I wanted.

    We did end up breaking up cause I confronted him and he admitted it was him, I forgave him and he kept on being disrespectful and it ended.

    So, I mean...what's the big deal? The fact that you did it behind her back?

    • Basically, I accused her of blocking me on facebook, and I used another account to check, and then I told her I did that...

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    • She broke up with me, thank you for your help:)

    • Brother, I don't even know what your story never told it straight and I told you I can't give an opinion on something I don't know the details of. So, if she broke up with you; it's entirely your fault, not mine.

      I don't even know what went down with you two.

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  • To go on national television and tell the whole world she's sorry and that she was wrong and I was right.

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