Don't know how to talk to women?

so some girl in my college class started talking to me & i had a real tough time keeping the conversation going, there was a lot of awkward silence & i was nervous because i couldn't think of anything to say so because of that i felt like i came off as boring.
i don't consider myself socially awkward or boring in fact I'm very funny but the problem is my sense of humor is quite off color & inappropriate at times & im scared i might offend the girl im talking to even if i think i can make her laugh

so how do you keep a conversation going with women?
should i be myself & risk embarrassment?
& is it completely up to me to keep the conversation going?


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  • talk to them the same way you'd talk to a guy. I often make vulgar jokes too but try to limit or eliminate that around girls cuz then they think all you want is sex.

    it shouldn't be up to you to keep the conversation going cuz thats a 2 way street.


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  • make as if you are not talking to a woman...this will make you feel more at ease


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  • Walk up to them and flex your muscles at them. Works everytime.

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