Once a cheater, always a cheater?

Does everyone agree with this statement?

My step sister is going out with an ex of kelly, whose a girl in my school . They were together for a few months and then he cheated on kelly with my step sis. He then broke it off with kelly so that he could be with my step sister but I've heard that this guy has a reputation of being a player and I'm scared of my step sis getting hurt but she won't listen and believes he's the one even though they are only going out 3 months!

How do I get it into her head that he is just using her as a rebound and that a leopard never changes its spots?!


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  • If a guy will cheat with you, he will cheat on you. Sure that is a generality, and isn't true in 100% of the cases, but I would bet it's true more often then not.

    The reason is that someone who is willing to cheat on their girlfriend to be with you is showing you that they don't respect their current girlfriend enough to break it off with her before hooking up with you. He is also saying he doesn't respect you enough to quit seeing her before seeing you. Finally he doesn't have enough self respect to not look like a jackass to everyone around him.


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  • "Once a cheater, always a cheater": not true.

    "Once a player, always a player": true.


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  • if he cheated on kelly with her..then I'm 100 percent positive he will cheat on your step sis with another girl then leave your step sis..how long was he with kelly?tell your step sister if he didn't hav a problem cheating on kelly..then h won't have a problem cheating on her!he probably tells her he wouldn't because she's different and all that BS! but he probably told kelly the same thing!and if she says well he wasn't very happy with kelly..then why did he go out with her in the first place! your step sister needs to seriously THINK! it doesn't mean once a cheater always a cheater! but most likely if he cheated ..he'll cheat AGAIN! til he's about 30!and if he is 30 then he's a loser!

  • no I don't think once a cheated always a cheater. I believe that if a guy cheats on you he'll most likely cheat on you again..but that irrelevant in this case. I knew a guy who cheated on his girlfriend with me, and left her, for me. In the end it WAS hard to trust him, I was with him for almost 2 years and he was great to me. The cheating part isn't what bothers me, its the player reputation. but usually, the girl dating the player has to figure that out herself.