This is driving me crazy. What should I do about this guy? (sorry it's long)?

At the beginning of the year, I met this guy Rob and he was really into me. I wasn't that into him because I barely knew him. We hooked up a few times but then he got back with his ex gf because he finally realized that I wasn't into him.
They've been dating for almost a year now and they seem to really love each other. However, I've come to be one of his best friends and they live over an hour away from each other. We hang out all the time and have a lot in common. One time when we were really drunk, we held hands and cuddled and he seemed really turned on so I left because I didn't want to jeopardize his current relationship. A few days ago, I fell asleep in his bed and my head was on his chest and his heart was beating really fast and he had both arms around me and he was only wearing boxers. People that don't know us that well think that we're dating and people that do think that we'll eventually get together.
He does this with another girl that we're friends with, however. It's obvious that she's pretty into him. They text a lot and he hardly never texts me. He vents to me how she's always all over him and says that I'm his best friend not her. His girlfriend is pretty suspicious about their relationship and even goes through his texts with her occasionally, but his girlfriend likes me. Am I just really into the friend zone now?
I have come to have really strong feelings for this guy and I don't know what to do. I don't want to ruin his relationship but I can't control how I feel. What do I do? He's pretty hard to read and I never know what he's thinking.


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  • Cut him out of your life. If the friendship is that important and you're strong enough to put your feelings aside then give that a try. My point being, this guy knows what he is doing. Weather it's physical or not he is using other women to get something he's not getting in his relationship. It's cheating. And he probably thinks it's OK since it's not physical. If you do remain friends I'd even say it's your responsibility as his friend to confront him about this.


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