Is it possible to tell how a guy feels about you via text message? Can you help me decipher this?

...To put this message in context. I sent him a text saying it has been a long time since we last saw each other and I would love it if we could get to know each other better even though I know he works and travels A LOT. This was the response I received...

Ya, I take on too much some times but it's nice to keep my head busy. I am hoping to slow down a little bit soon. I agree it seems like forever ago since we last saw each other. Give me a little more time to straighten my stuff out and we'll meet up again. Enjoy this awesome weather we are having and we'll talk soon ;)"

Does it sound like he is being sincere? Does he really intend to see me again? Is he into me?


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  • He wouldn't have mentioned that you two would meet up again, or to wait for him to straighten things out if he didn't think it was deserved. He has stuff to work out that he may not want to involve you in because they are his problems, and bringing you into it might seem unfair. Keep in contact. That was not platonic.

    • They say if a man is interested he will make time. Is that what it sounds like he's doing?

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What Guys Said 2

  • I think it's a friendly response that says that he doesn't REALLY want to hang out with you. It's not as if he dislikes you or anything, but he simply doesn't have interest in wanting to be with you.

    If he did want to hang out, he would have replied back with another time when he would be free to hang, and see if you two could meet up then. Since he just gave a vague response that doesn't say anything specific about when he's free or when he'd want to hang out, I interpret it as him not really caring to hang out.

    • Then why would he bother to text me back? Why wouldn't he just ignore me? Isn't that leading me on?

    • General nicety. Not texting you back at all would be interpreted as pretty ignorant/stand-offish

  • It is obvious he wants something with you.

    • This is probably a stupid question but could you explain to me how you got that impression? I don't think I'm reading into this message from the right prospective :P

    • '' I agree it seems like forever ago since we last saw each other.'' his words. This means he hasn't forgotten about you and obviously want to see you again for a reason. We cannot know how he feels about you, but he is interested in you for sure. You just need to give it some more time.

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  • If I got that response from a guy, i wouldn't try to break it down into its meaning word by word..
    guys think simple and if he wanted to tell you something, i think it would've been more observant.
    sounds like he is down to meet with you sometime but not his priority

  • Any man interested in a women will MAKE time to see you no matter what else is going on in his life. Move on.