Did he lose interest? What should I do?

During the last month of my second year in university, I met this guy who was from a different university but in the same city. He let me know right away that he was interested and wanted a date from me. Since we had finals and I was leaving for home right after my last exam (3 hours away), I told him I wasn't too sure about a date since we probably wouldn't see each other until September as he has summer school in our university city until August and his home is in a different province. He then told me he would wait until September as long as I promised him a date.

We ended up going out the last night before I left for home and it went fairly well as he asked me about the next time he could see me and told me to keep in touch. This was about 5 weeks ago and up until 2 weeks ago he has been texting me everyday and checking up on me. He told me that he liked me and he kind of pulled it out of me that I liked him too which he was glad to hear. However now he doesn't text me as often and I feel like he doesn't try as hard to impress me anymore or contact me as often (no more good morning texts, didn't reply to my last snapchat last night, 2 instances where we went 1-3 days without talking to one another).

What should I do? Sometimes I initiate contact after he made a joke about him initiating everything, but he didn't reply to the last snapchat I sent him last night so I don't really feel like sending more than one message in a row. I just feel like he's more distant than usual even though he's supposed to come visit me sometime during the summer and our conversations have been good, but they haven't been as often and are not as flirtatious especially since we've been snapchatting one another (since 5 days ago that I got snapchat).


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  • Distance can be a bitch. Especially if you're not really dating. Don't worry about where things might be until you get back to university. Maintain the casual friendship you have and when school starts remind him he owes you a date.

    • Should I initiate any more contact or should I just let it be and see what happens?

    • I'd say maintain the level of contact you have now. But he continues to ignore your texts/snapchats back off.

  • Text him this - I thought we was closer than just friends but i guess not... and leave it like that then see what he says and if he doesn't reply at all you'll know he's not interested. :) hope it helped


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