Could he be cheating on me or am I thinking things?

The past week or so when my bf and i have been having sex he will say do you like this with whatever position we are in. Or one night he asked if I liked it this way or the other way better. Then he has been not really trying completely different positions but he will do little things diff like put my leg in a diff spot or down. We mainly only do him on top or me on top. But most the time he is on top. We have been dating for almost 10 months and live together. I asked him why he is wondering what positions I like better when he never seemed to care before or ask that. Then when i asked why he been doing these diff postions he ssid so i dont get bored of the same old ways..Could he be cheating on me? Or does he maybe just want to try loving me more? I was wondering if he was cheating because I've read online ttht if they switch it up in the bedroom thay could be a cause?

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  • Sounds just like he's experimenting different positions tbh:)


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  • Relax. He's just more comfortable with you now and wants to try new things. You should try to enjoy it too. Nothing wrong with being adventurous.

  • Seams like he took interest in it! Be happy!


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  • He could be watching p*rn and getting new ideas for that. Don't assume anything. Try doggy style. It is the best.

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