Am I too big for girls or am I doing something too turn them away from me?

Im 6ft maybe 220 but im really athletic for a guy my size girls always say im nice and they say any girl would be lucky to have me but im still alone and single. is there reasons girls don't like me im always honest and can be brutally so but im always nice to my friends especially girls i don't get it any help.


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  • There's nothing wrong with your size, it probably has something to do with ladies being intimidated by you. LOL You're probably very attractive but it's hard for ladies to let a hot guy into their life without thinking he's going to play them.

    • well every one knows i could never be a player and im not that hot im really a athletic nerd who's nice to all his girl's that are friends but can't seam to get girls interested in me

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    • Sometimes it has nothing to do with you at all. She might just have a large interest in someone else at the moment and is trying to take you away from the picture. I do know how hard it is to get over a crush, but focus on her negatives and really see she would not be a great match for you at all! You deserve someone who will treat you with respect and try her best to make YOU happy. Good luck! Don't lose hope, the special lady exists! Just don't get caught up trying to impress the ones who treat you ill.

    • thanks you've been very helpful

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  • I want all guys to know this: GIRLS AREN'T AS SHALLOW AS YOU THINK WE ARE. When it comes to the size of guys generally speaking the bigger the better. We like feeling small next to you, so are you too big? Unless maybe you were 5'6 and 750lbs maybe... You say you're brutally honest? Well, that may come off as rude. Girls are insecure especially at your age. We are so afraid of our bodies being judged and if you're brutally honest than they may be afraid to hear what comes out of your mouth about them.

    Also, are you being rejected? Or are girls just not coming on to you? Because if it's the latter, well then baby, let me tell you a little secret about girls WORTH dating. We don't make the first move, we're shy, we liked to be swept off of our feet. Have you asked a girl out and she said no? Have you asked many girls out with all of them saying no? If this isn't the case than there is no way for you to know if girls like you or not. We're sneakier about who we like, and you boys also aren't known for being very observant!!

    • i've been rejected but no girls are coming to me and im too shy to ask them any way considering the girl that rejected me is the girl im head over heels for im even more scared to get rejected again or to screw something up and never have one

  • Just don't go out shooting people up, chicks dig it when you don't attempt to kill them.

    • considering that's not helpful to the situation and the fact im not homicidal you wasted both of our time

  • yeah sure, id have no problem dating you :)

    • well then i wish i could meet you because it seams like you'd be the only one

    • oh come one dont give up, there's gotta some some other nice people out there :)

    • none that want me tho

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