Ladies, would you date a guy with this description?

early 30's - 6'2 big guy, chubby.. round chubby stomach. overall nice guy (can be a bit overly sensitive though and become easily defensive). average job, little savings, average car.

he's a friends of mine, we get along great. I'm already dating someone and he's kinda concerned about his love life. He wanted me to ask if other girls would be interested in dating someone that matches that description. He meets women, he's able to land dates. He's funny so women feel happy around him... but nothing develops into a serious relationship. After a few dates the girls find someone else.

he's under the impression they want someone more successful and thats why things don't work out. He just wants to know should he be focusing more on his career aspirations or hitting the gym and working on his appearance more?


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  • No.

    Overly sensitive = indicative of poor coping skills, turn off
    Little savings = indicative of poor long-term planning, turn off
    Average job = indicative of poor choices made in terms of education, turn off

    Average car = I don't care
    Big guy = I don't care
    Early 30s = Awesome age to be
    Funny personality = Love it

    Overall assessment: He should work on his career aspirations- He'll get more women if he also hits the gym.

    • Wow, I want you to rate me!

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    • perhaps this is how the women he goes on dates feel as well.. very helpful, thank you for your response.

    • No problem, best of luck to him :)

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  • Focus on a career , make money and forget about relationships. He doesn't need the stress of wondering why women aren't interested.


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  • To me appearance has little to do with why I choose a guy. It would be great if a guy was successful but if he finds the right girl she will not care about that. She will love him for who he is, not what he has or what he looks like. I say he just hasn't found the right one yet! If he is okay with his looks and where he is in life then that is all that matters.

    • Yea thats how i feel as well... i'm really not sure why his dates never progress into something more substantial...

  • Yes I would :) Everyone has flaws, no big deal. If I liked him, None of those things would bother me.. I think chubby guys are kinda cute ;)

    • lol i agree, my bf is a chubby guy and i wouldn't have it any other way.. adorable :)

    • Yeah! Like a teddy bear :))