This guy mad liked me but I didn't want anything serious and he goes cold turkey and finds a girl a week later and dates her. lol?

We met at the club, didn't do anything other than dancing. He got my number that night and since then we talked everyday. few weeks later we met up and for about 2 months every week, we hung out and nothing more than making out. he began to fall and fall and tells me he likes me and want to make me his gf but i was just afraid and did not want anything serious (at least not so soon. i thought, what's the rush?)
he understood but i knew it was difficult for him cuz he spilled his heart to me and we hang out like we are dating but we're not.
one day he calls me up and says he decided to agree w/me and said he wants less contact since I'm not his gf, he has no need to meet me up every week. which is true but i felt a bit empty cuz i liked meeting him and hanging out.
i could tell he was disappointed and lack of energy.
2 weeks later he had to fly back from to Europe (gone for the summer only) and RECENTLY i found out he is dating another girl a week after we met up. she's very similar as me.

i get how guys can feel rejected and can just find anyone to patch up his ego pride etc.
but if you were him, would you do this just for temporary until you come back to the states? or would you just move on and continue to date this girl?

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same time, i feel a bit betrayed. don't get me wrong - i don't blame him since i didn't want seriousness. so he can do what he wants.

but knowing he's dating another girl esp after a week, it does make me feel like crap.
do you guys think i should
-text him and say something like " i didn't think you'd be w/a gf so soon. good luck nice knowing you"
-or should i just don't say anything and dgaf?


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  • I just did the same thing because the girl I fell in love with rejected me and I wasted a year while this other girl was telling me to move one and stop feeding her ego so I did then we started to hang out and I realized she is a lot better than the first girl I liked. Guys dont realize that the person that is better for them is the one that is honest with them. Not saying you are a bad person but why would a guy chase after a girl when if a girl actually cared about you she would be honest.

    • Dont let him know you care or he may come running back and think you want something serious and changed your mind. Its best for both parties to move on.

    • solid advice

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  • no need to say anything. just don't be so afraid next time.

  • what i think is
    because you rejected him
    he had no reason to hang around
    because he wanted more then you
    and yeah thats kinda the same as being in the friendzone
    so most guys walk away
    and i would continue dating that girl
    because if she would make me happy i would stay
    i hope this helps and sorry if i am to harsh


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  • I know it stings, but I'd learn from it and move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

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