The kicker. Long distance romance?

There's this guy who is definitely interested in me. We have been texting everyday. Compliments, banter, easy stuff. We have went on two dates before, we like each other's company. He lives an hour away now so we haven't been very consistent with dates and time together. Within the past two weeks my interest in him has spiked because of some very genuine, nice things he has told me about myself that he found in me. The kicker is that he leaves to move to a place 14 hours away in 6 weeks. Should I continue to try and grow closer to him within these next weeks. Or should I just let him go? What do you think he is thinking? Is he even thinking about the future?

I'm a gal :)


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  • Go on, continue, this promise something. You guys just live an hour away, continue and be positive


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