Potential GF wants me to date other girls first?

My best friend and only girl friend (now my ex) has taken me through the ringer.
We broke up before college so we wouldn't have problems. Now we are at the end of college and I was just about to ask her out and she just decides to make some other dude her bf.

Fast forward 1 month, she breaks up with the guy. She tells me she ultimately wants to be with me (marry me) BUT WANTS ME TO EXPERIENCE THE SINGLE LIFE and DATE OTHER GIRLS FIRST. She doesn't want me to have any regrets about whether or not I missed out on not chasing other girls and if I will ultimately be happy with her.

So what do you guys think of this situation? Seems pretty stupid to me, as it only creates more drama if one of us makes a poor choice in the future that effects our relationship. Chances it will be her since she already had like 4 bfs. I can't miss what I never had (when it comes to chasing girls/ being a player). I'm at the point where I'm about to just cut her from my life.

Any tips/Advice?


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  • My ex boyfriend wanted me to do that. Literally, the exact same situation. Notice he is my "ex" now.


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  • So not only is she blowing you off, at least for now, she's also saying she wants to have more free time and casual sex and such.

    Go date other girls. Life goes on, hunt around for two weeks and you'll probably find a girl just as cute with less issues.

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