Should I give him another chance? Or just move on?

I went on only one date with a guy I used to go to junior high with. I'm 18 now and he's 20 now. He found me on Facebook through mutual friends and asked me to go on a date for Starbucks and a movie. I eventually found out he had dated about 4 other girls we went to school with and I don't want to be just another girl he dated from the same school. He has only taken two class at a junior college and doesn't seem motivated to look for a summer job, where as I'm in a 4 year university and been applying at various places. So him not really doing much with his life bothers me. I'm also not that physically attracted to him but he has an energetic personality and is very confident. I'm not saying I'm perfect at all, but I would be attracted to someone who is very motivated to get an education and working! He's kind but texts me every single day of every single minute when I'm busy or going to job interviews. Am I being too harsh on the guy? Should I give it another date? When I genuinely like a guy I love texting with him and I feel those butterflies in my stomach when I see him. I haven't felt like that with this least not yet. Please, I need specific advice! Thank you.

  • move on, you can do better
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  • Sounds like you like him, but would be better off as friends. There are too many red flags, and it doesn't seem like it would work between you two in the long run. I think it would be best for you to possibly keep talking to him as a friend, but not make him your #1 choice, because he doesn't seem like he's on your level or of your interest!

    • Exactly! Thank you, but how would I tell him I just want to be friends? I'm not good with confrontation in person.

    • Either you can just be completely honest and tell him that you have different interests and just want to be friends (which is best, but might hurt his feelings), or just don't give him the impression that you want to date him. Like try not to talk to him that much or go out on dates with him or anything. . He should get the hint.

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  • yeah that sounds like me. I know I'm not datable, but at the same time I've gone through a lot and have big dreams. It's true if I were in your situation I wouldn't date me either, but I saw a great movie, "Waiting For Forever," where the guy totally reminds me of myself. In the end this guy really cares about the girl and knows she loves him so why wouldn't he?

  • I think you have better options available

    • That's what most of my friends have said. Thank you, I appreciate it!

    • You're welcome good luck to you! Shouldn't be difficult you sound like a desirable woman

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  • One more date couldn't hurt, and you should ask him about his ambitions and what he actually wants to do with himself. You might be surprised, or it may be a lack-luster response. Either way you will know for sure, and won't have any regrets in letting this guy go.