Is it more than a sexual thing?

there's this guy I've been talking to for some months now and yes we do have sex but since he's an athlete and can get anyone I was expecting it to be a one time thing like he does with other girl's but it feels different. He said when he met me he felt like we had a connection and he does text me and ask me to come over time to time, I even threw up in his bed one time and he acted like it was no big deal and still called and texted, I just wanna know is it a sex thing or could it be that he maybe likes me


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  • you are young
    you are growing
    you are inexperienced
    you are even (very) horny... as he is

    check yourself...
    ...and get checked (std's)

    if he's with others (no matter what you feel for him, or "think" he feels about you) then you need to make sure you don't catch anything that may ruin your life ahead (whether you are with him or not)


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