Would you stick with the nice guy or someone exciting?

So let's say... you're dating 2 guys. One of them is super nice, always available, incredibly affectionate and intelligent. The other is witty, funny, adventurous, but a bit hard to get ahold of.

Of course, the nice guy has already fallen for you, he's there for you. You've told him you're also dating another guy, but he likes you too much to let you go.

What would you do? Who'd you rather be with?

The 2nd guy is really nice, but he's a bit too busy. The nice guy, however, doesn't excite me as much as the 2nd. But he's already opened up so much to me I'm afraid I'll hurt him.


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  • Err, my BF is super nice, affectionate, intelligent, always available, witty and adventurous, so um...

    Maybe get yourself an all in 1 type like I did?

    • Turns out, he's all of that :) So glad I decided to stay with him.

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What Guys Said 2

  • go for nice-bad ass guys, there are always someone who are nice, willing to listen to you, but also like to tease, challenging you.
    But given these 2 choices, being the nice guy loses lots of attractions for most women.

    • Go for nice-bad ass guys, humor is a big part of the attraction even though you both have been together for 10.20 years. In my opinion, a total nice guy sometimes lacks of assertiveness which is crucial for bringing himself up as a person who knows how risks function, and going for whatever he wants. For what I know, women are very attracted to adventurous guys who can live his life fully and meaningfully even without her presence.

  • I don't see enough information to know. Is the independent variable interest or do you want girls to imagine these guys based on "nice guy" and "bad boy" stereotypes?

    • Well... I was going for both. But for the sake of my interest, the nice guy has liked me for a long time, I did too. But I never felt like we hit off much in the humor area. We both have similar interests and we can definitely hang out for long periods of time. And I feel he'd be an awesome long-term boyfriend.

      The 2nd guy came into my life before I knew the nice guy liked me. We both have the same sense of adventure and we're both really witty and spontaneous. He makes me laugh a lot more than the nice guy, that's for sure. But he's too busy and lives a bit too far for either of us to really get to know each other. I hope that helps?

What Girls Said 1

  • My bf is the nice guy, so I'd pick the nice guy needless to say.

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