How should I take this? amazing guy with a catch...?

I try to be very open minded about most things in life cause I know what it's like to be judge.I been talking to this amazing guy a lot he's super sweet and kind to me and never ever inappropriate thing is he's 21 and he has a baby girl he's over the moon for her and it shows he works and she is his world I can see it, it seems he has a good relationship with the mother as well.So how can I be open minded about this since I never been with a guy with kids before.Should I act any different or just be as I usually am?


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  • You should be the same as you normally are. Try to let him know that you want to be there for the kid as well and that should make him like you even more. Im sure he is worried that you will not want to be a part of his kid's life if he really likes you.

    He may not want you to be involved as much in the kid's life until things are serious but that's understandable as he probably doesn't want to introduce too many new women or anything to his kid if he's just dating or seeing someone so don't be offended if that's the case as well.

    • Yeah I would be very understanding and after all she's still a baby if she was mine I'd do the same.Thanks :)

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  • Just be yourself, don't fake emotions