We look like a couple but we're not?

So i like this guy who's in the same grade as me and prom is coming up soon. He came to pick up my dress with me and I Helped him with his suit. We went shoes shopping together but we're just friends. We're going to london together in the summer along with 2 other friends who are dating each other. I really can't tell if he likes me or not and he's giving me mixed signals ps. we talk everyday


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  • I'm afraid that that's not enough information for me to be certain whether he might like you or not. He could like you since you guys do so many things together, or he could simply just enjoy helping you and having someone to help him in return. What kind of signals is he giving you?

    • -After hanging out if its late he would insist to send me home and send me to my parents and it was only me and him alone.
      -He doesn't like it when go and watch movie with other guy friends
      -we talk on Skype every night for 2-3 hours
      -He would call to check up on me
      -He sings and plays guitar ed sheeran songs to me through Skype
      -he sometimes compliments me about how i dressed and he likes to play with my hair
      -He always wants me to sit next to him we we hang out with our group of friends
      -we walk together in school

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    • thank you so much for your helpful answers :)

    • It's a pleasure! Best of luck to you x

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