A candid question for girls. How many of your pursue a guy whole-heartedly?

I mean, I am of the consumption that girls tend to take the backseat when it comes to pursuing a guy, or be it with the operating of the relationship. But it intrigues me whether females think that they are the superior sex and it's the guys who should always take the role of the initiator?


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  • I've done it before (whole heartedly) with four guys (there may be more, but that's what all I can think of at the moment lol).

    There are still girls out there who won't approach or be the initiator and while I have no problem assuming that "role," I have consistently failed. I've noticed a pattern when I am the initiator…the guy falls off the map. They are very interested at first (multiple dates, etc.), but soon become complacent and not as eager as those men that do the chasing.

    As much as guys like to be pursued, I still think there's validity to the chase. Guys like it whether they admit it or not.

    • The thing is: Girls sit there all day and the pressure is on the guys to make all the move, ask her out and many such stuff. And, these things happen in spite of the girl having an equal desire for the guy. So, it's paradoxical. Isn't it? You want something as much as the other person does, but you say "If you want, go and get it."

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  • I used to pursue guys but every time I did they were not interested. I am not up for getting my heart broken any more times so they can pursue me cause I am out!

    • Hi. Okay, feel for you, if it's actually your case. It was more in a context of girls actually going out there and pursuing him, and not sitting down there and sending implications. Good luck

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    • It makes girls feel more secure that the guy is actually interested. Girls are easy to tell if they are interested in you but I get confused with a guy when I have to do all the work because then I feel like he is not interested at all. I will certainly step up to the plate once he is interested but most of the time if I do the pursuing then the chase is over and he is too tired to even try.

    • Haha, that's for lovers of 'thrill lies in the chase'. Don't know whether I'd endorse girls playing hard ball intentionally.

  • I don't really initiate the relationship only because I am shy, and I've been raised expecting to be courted and pursued by the man. And I like it that way.

    • Fair enough, and cheers on your candid confession :) But, there lies the problem I say. Guys are just put under immense pressure.

    • Haha, thank you! (: I do understand it is a ton of pressure, I know I wouldn't deal well with it if I had to do it! Props for those who do! But women also have their own pressures in relationships, so know we do know what it feels like!

  • I don't pursue guys at all. And I do not want guys to initiate at all, either. However, females are the superior sex for sure :)

  • I don't initiate anything, even if I really like a guy.

  • I have when I'm really into the guy... But generally it's better to see which guys are into you and see if you can like him back. Guys aren't very flexible, so we have to be.


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