Do long distance relationships last? any tips on how to keep love strong?how do I know my boyfriend is losing interest in me?

Been dating for 4months
he tells me he loves me everyday (but this past week hesbeen quite and havnt responded to my txt...ive only txted him at least twice-then I get the point to not text him...)
I'm not much of a caller but a txter. He usually calls me everyday and I would txt/call him everyday...

am I becoming clingy because I'm so used to us talking everyday?

Note: our relationship is alil different then most, mainly because we've been in a long distance relationship for 4months and we rarely get to spend time together.

2weeks ago he stayed over for 3days which was amazing, next week im flying over for a week. We plan to see each other at least every 2-4days a month. We've already met each others friends&family. Talked about our future together

then again it may just be in my head& I'm becoming/already a "clingy gf"

will our relationship last :(?


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  • LDRs only work if there is a great amount of contact between you & your partner, & if the two of you are very serious about being together when the distance thing isn't a problem anymore. You need to talk to him & ask him how he's feeling, etc. Short texts don't always mean that he's not interested. It may be that he's facing stressful problems at the moment.