Why would he want a pic of me?

So he was ignoring me.. But I sent him a pic asking if we could be friends, I'm pretty lol. But he didn't get the pic.. I


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  • Suggest you update your question... I suppose a sentence is missing?
    The only useful answer I could give is: don't overdo it.
    If you annoy him you'll lose him.
    Let it be for a week or so and than send him a real kind and sweet text message, saying you're sorry to bother him but that you would really like to learn to know him.
    Just ask him to give you a chance and be honest if it was nice or not. Maybe that can break the ice!

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    • Ok well it won't let me unless you follow me or fix your settings

    • I've clicked "follow" besides your name, it may work now!
      Just try and let me know. Sorry for inconvenience :-)

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  • I don't understand the question, has he seen a pic of you before? If he has then he likes you and wanted more, if he hasn't seen you he just wanted to see what you look like:)

  • Why would you send a picture to someone who is ignoring you?


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