How to fight the urge of wanting to have sex with my boyfriend when he's not around?

In a long distant relationship
were together 2weeks ago and next week I'm going to be with him for a whole week <3.

I've been having urges for him, phone sex helps sometimes (I usually get turned on from hearing him ^_^) but I can't do the deed to myself...nor do I even want to use a toy... I dont want to cheat on my bf!

to take the edge off I would keep myself occupied with work or just reading... But the little things like music/movie scenes/certain words would have me think of the time we were together...

Note: I lost my v card to him and were in a long distance relationship. He said I crave it more because I'm new to it and I'm young. I'm 20 he'

I'm totally fine with him masturbating, its just I can't do it lol...idk for some reason it just doesn't work for me-I just simply can't touch myself or use a toy. I get turned off but still crave it...


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  • masturbation is no cheating. XD

  • go to adult store get some toys come home get naked go on your bed and play with yourself till you wear your self out or till you are dry


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  • Bring some boys and fuck them..i don't see anything wrong with that how do you think he is dealing with his desires?