I'm confused! Should I not talk to her at all?


Sorry in advance for the length,

I started dating this senior girl in high school towards the end of the school year and I'm a Junior. We've known each other for a while and have had a great thing going.

We always have fun on our dates and we genuinely connect with each other. We have both made it clear we really like and care for each other, and I usually talk to her at least once everyday.

Although she didn't want to officially label us boyfriend/girlfriend because she is going off to college, she's called me her boyfriend.

Now recently, things have become hectic with her graduating and being busy, while I'm still in school and have an extremely busy life as well. We went for a 3-4 week period of time where we were both so busy that we couldn't see each other.

Then yesterday we talked about where the relationship was going

She said she wants to be able to experience college and wants a new start so she doesn't want to get super serious, which I understand and would want the same thing. So she said that she just wants to be really good friends and hangout over the summer. I was cool about it and basically said that's fine, do what you gotta do.

After the talk I assumed we were just friends but she still made out with me...

I'm confused because one minute she says she just wants to be friends, but she still treats me like her boyfriend. As far as I know, friends do not make out.

Currently I'm talking to other girls because on a regular basis so I don't get too attached to her.

But what do I do with her regarding contact? Do I stop all communication and not even try or continue talking and seeing her regularly? The timing of our relationship sucks. Would appreciate advice.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this, I think I already know what I have to do, but hearing other people will help reinforce it.


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  • Obviously this girl really likes you, but wants to experience other people when the time comes. She's still gonna treat you like her boyfriend for now, because she still cares about you, but you will probably end up being just friends with her. SO, the question is whether or not you can handle being her friend only without getting hurt if she finds someone else. If you're not ready for that, it would be best not to keep in contact with her at all. If you two are going to end what you have, it's better sooner than later!


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  • The number one advice given to seinors is to break up with lower classmen bf/gfs. She obviously still likes you but wants to take that advice. So keep in touch, maybe on everyday, but often. Maybe after some colege expereince she'll decide she still wants to be with you.

  • Maybe she means a casual relationship? But yeah I agree, friends don't make out with one another. However friends do keep in contact and hang out once in while, it just shouldn't stop you from seeing other people.


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