HELP GUYS. How do I deal with this guy?

Hello, recently i met this guy for who I instantly fell and I could see that he did for me as well. Very soon we started dating, and it was amazing. I fell in love. He is a very different person though. He enjoys photography. He is silent and smart. He is also very good looking, comes from a good family and a very strong alpha male presence. However, i like analyzing people's behavior and even though many times he was been silent and cold, i caught a glimpse of moments when he was very playful around me, childish, nice and even a bit shy. We were perfect for each other in a way as I am very feminine and he is very masculine. We had a great time, we also had sex. But we lost our connection. He got distant, we barely talked. I broke up with him after two weeks of this "strange period" because he didn't do something, that was very important for me. And then i just left. He didn't even stop me... We haven't talked since and I miss him like crazy. Now i found out that he has a girlfriend for two years now back in his country and he just get with random girls for some time and then go back to his girlfriend whenever he return. But i don't understand, as I really felt a connection. I asked him if he wants our relationship to continue after he goes back to his country and he said yes. If he wasn't serious for me why would he say yes? I just can't put it together... I'm not quite sure about the girlfriend, but it's a 90% possibility. He also introduced me to some of his friends from his country.. All i know I am in love with this guy and I don't know whether it's worth it to fight for him to just to leave him. Give me a honest opinion, dear guys and girls even. How do I deal with him? How do I get him back if possible, or how do I play with him if I was really just a side chick. Because I'm in for a revenge. Don't tell me it's not worth it, I want him to suffer. If any ideas for a plan, tell:)


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  • As hard and as heart breaking as it may seem, you will thank Paris later, sweetie. He's a Player with 'randoms,' this foreign friend of yours, and even has admitted to having a girl back home. You need to lick your wounds and move on.
    He had some fun with you, you both 'connected' for awhile, but then he turned out to be this 'fair weather friend,' and nothing you could count on, let alone call worth hanging on to. He's not even Worth your time of day to 'want him to suffer.' He's merely a waste of space.
    The only way to get over one 'Love,' is go out and start mingling and meeting others gain. He's a lost cause in another part of the world, and you certainly deserve a better boy on American soil.
    Good luck.xx

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