Should I just message him and set up new plans?

I feel like this is a really stupid question haha so here it goes..
Me and my friend (who I really like) made plans about 2 weeks ago to go bowling! well, that Friday he got a ticket and after paying it off, he didn't have any more money and still only had a quarter tank of gas he needed for work all the next week. so obviously we didn't go. Then, this past weekend I had gotten food poisoning so I obviously wasn't going anywhere haha so we didn't go bowling.

Since we never went, should i message him and ask him to go again or just say like "hey so when are we gonna finally go bowling?" or something like that?

We haven't talked since last Saturday which i mean its been over a week but i always feel paranoid about messaging him too much haha

so should i just message him and set up new plans or what?
and what should i say exactly? i dont wanna sound too desperate or anything! haha


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  • I think you and me both are having the same problem. With our guys other then the food poisoning. I hate how the guys don't make the plans because it makes us nervous. What I think you should is call him. That's what I did with this guy I'm seeing.

    • what should i say though? because i dont wanna come off too strong either. i mean technically right now we are *just* friends

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    • thanks for most helpful!!!

    • of course!

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  • just text say hey how are you doin?


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