Going Out With A Guy I Met At A Party?

I met this guy at a house party I had (he was a my friend's friend). And we hit it off really good that night and just had a heavy make out session. He wanted to go farther but I wanted to just stop at second base. That night when we slept in my bed he was really sweet and held me.
I was just wondering if something could start from this? Usually when I hook up with a guy I'm not so into them the next morning or I regret hooking up.

Also, I've known this guy for a while because three or four years ago he added me on Facebook and a girl told me he thought I was hot. Never bothered with him until when I met him that night.

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  • ya deffinatly could be good! all guys always want to go further if he didn't keep pushing and didn't get angry its because he respects you and that is awesome ask him to hang out again sometime


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  • it could you never know