One night only? Did I repulse this dude so quickly?

I met a guy briefly at a party couple years ago. Have been Facebook friends.. He performs locally (acting) We started flirting about a week ago and the repoire was good.
He invited me to see his sold out show on Sat night (even got an extra ticket for me to bring a friend) Seats were like 30$ a pop.
Anyway when it was all over Tons of people were talking to him and he had a lot of business to do so I didn't want to bother him too much,
I told him thank you and gave him a nice hug and left. He seemed distant anyway... We haven't really spoken since. I wrote him to compliment his work he just said "Thanks" I drove all the way out to see him. So...
Was it me? Could he have realized I wasn't that special? Was he unnattracted? I mean all my FB posts look like me I don't fake stuff.

Lost in Los Angeles


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  • You did all the right moves. But he still sucks haha. I don't know what his problem is but def put energy into someone or something else.


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  • Sometimes, other people don't fall for us at the same pace we do for them. It depends on a number of actors. How lonely they are. When they had their last relationship. What was the ending of that relationship, etc.

    • True...But the shift was so rapid. I had just been texting hours before and now he doesn't contact me anymore ;(

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