Girlfriend lying about if she has kissed someone before?

my gf says she hasn't kissed a guy before...but then when I was talking to her older sister she said she was lying do u think she is lying or not? ...she is a really shy girl and I have known her for over a year now...I really don't care if she has kissed a guy before though. what do u people think?

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okay...well I asked her if she had ever kissed a guy before and she said " I have been saving it for a special guy like you (:" then I asked her niece about her ex and she said "yeahhhh...she has kissed a guy im pretty Shure that's a lie"


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  • Once someone blurted that a was a virgin and my other friend said 'no she's not..' when she knew I was just so I wouldn't seem lame in front of a bunch of guys.
    Maybe her fam is trying to do the same for her. Like maybe they think you want a girl who's kissed before, so they're lying for her.

    But kissing is really no big deal lol


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  • Not enough info to tell


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  • If you don't care, why ask?