MEN - Help Me Understand Please.?

I've been getting to know this man who's older than I am, divorced, single. You think someone in their 40's is an adult - maybe not.

Things were really nice - we had been talking more and more - he stayed on the phone with me off and on pretty much all day yesterday.

This morning he starts pushing me to send him a pic that would have been revealing, if you get my point.

I don't know him well enough for that, and while I'm flattered and happy that he feels that way about me, rushing it makes me nervous and I can't be sending *that* to someone I don't so well.

Now he's saying he feel embarrassed and will talk to me later.

My take is men only try to rush that sort of thing when they're only out for one thing... so I just said, OK, whatever.


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  • It's not when they are only after one thing, but it is the sort of thing you do when the relationship has reached a certain point. He obviously thought you were both further along than you actually are.

    The female equivalent, would be using the l-word too soon, and then feeling embarrassed about it.

    • It's not that I don't have sexual feelings for him, I DO and he knows that. It just doesn't mean I can do that yet. It's not personal, not about him, it's just I'm not comfortable doing that right now.

    • No need to tell me.

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  • Your feelings are correct girl he's only interested in one thing, I would do the same if I was in his shoes and looking for a quickie, if he really cared about you and how you feel he wouldn't be asking for nude pics especially not through the phone,

    My advice drop him and move on to bigger better things, you deserve to be happy without all the drama.

  • I think you're spot on. Easy come, easy go.

  • maybe he just wanted to hear your reaction to his question on the phone and hear and see if you are that type of girl that shows off her body to someone she does not know he could have been testing you and you not know it

    • Good point!! I find that guys will rush a women to be sexual in various ways but then later judge her for it. I'm not looking to mess around for a fling and so if I did it, that's what he'd think.

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    • good luck with him hope it works out for you

    • Thanks...I think it'll suck if he doesn't talk to me anymore because of this :(

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