Why do people feel the need to space out their text responses by hours?

It's so annoying. It's not always about being busy. I have a friend who is becoming more than a friend that takes hours to text back, and he is glued to his phone.
Meanwhile my other guy friends that are purely platonic get back to me in like 2 seconds. Because we all know we have our phones, and why not?
But with this guy, it's like ok. Now we wait. Will it be 5 hours, 8, 12, tomorrow?

It's not only with him, it's always with any guy that there's feelings there. And no, it's not that they aren't interested.

"How are you, how did x, y, z go yesterday?" Let's drag this convo out now...

I think I need to express that I know for certain I'm being put off by him and any guy that shows interest. And I think it's silly to pretend nobody does this on purpose.


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  • "Why do people feel the need to space out their text responses by hours?"

    You're asking the wrong question. Why do girls demand an immediate response to text messages? If you want immediate response, make a fucking phone call.

    Text messages are like emails. You send them, they will be read (eventually) and replied to (possibly) at a convenient time.

    • Sounds like you don't quite get it. Also no need for the vulgar language, it devalues all that you've said. I don't demand an immediate response, and phone calls don't always have to be answered, or are you saying you demand that those do?

    • I'm saying if you want an immediate back and forth, phone calls are the simple logical choice. If you don't get through, you don't get through. You've lost nothing. But choosing to text is choosing an asynchronous means of communication, delay is BUILT IN to it.

      If anyone doesn't get it, it's obviously you.

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  • how do you know they're doing it on purpose?

    • Because when I'm with him he is always on his phone, it never leaves his side, and he text communicates with everyone. He is always texting someone.

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    • I was saying that because a lot of guys do that.

    • I understand, thank you by the way

  • if a guy is doing this then he is playing games. so stop pursuing them...simple is that


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  • Girls are so impatient.

  • It could be his way of not wanting to seem too eager to talk to you.

  • Sometimes I forget to text back or put my phone down somewhere and forget about it.

    • Right and reasonable, but this is about people that purposely space out responses

  • I don't know why but I hate txting so I text someone then leave my phone in my room and go off doing something else 3 hrs later I see I received a text from that person 3 hrs ago I feel bad about it but most people close with already figured out I don't use my phone much