If a girl agrees to hang out with a guy alone, she has chosen him?

This girl is being pursued by 2-3 guys. Like, they keep finding opportunity to talk to her, strike up conversation, ask her if there's anything she'd like. When other girls ask her what's up with that, she maintains that they are just friends.

But there is one guy who she will sometimes actively reach out to for conversation. She asks him for help. When he asks her out, she accepts. (none of the other guys have dared to ask her out yet)

Do you think that means that the girl has already chosen this particular guy? And would the other guys back off if they see both of them hanging out together (but not intimately).


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  • Until she is specifically exclusive with someone and has her mind set on only dating one person, then no one is "chosen"


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  • seems like she is still in a decision process. trying out different things to find out what is the best fit for her.