How do you break up with someone you love?

I've been seeing someone for a while now, and she's pretty great. Unfortunately, we're on two totally different levels. I'd like to move on, but I love and adore her very much. The thought of breaking up with her makes me sick to my stomach, and makes me feel selfish and guilty, but I need to work on me right now. What do I do?


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  • do you mind explaining why you love someone but still want to break up with them-just for insight into a guys mind please?

    • Read my reply above. That pretty much sums it up. She is an awesome person, but there's not much equality. I'm diplomatic and passive, she's the opposite. So I'm not sure it'll work. There are things we can all look past, and there's the things we need. A guys point of view has nothing to do with it I feel.

    • I think the lack of response is because you not making any sense? It sounds like an odd one so your going to give more detail than a 'sum up'. Bluntly put that 'summing up' sounds like you like you like her hell of a lot and she's already someone you hold quite dear and for whatever reason which you really really really haven't given sufficient detail want to break up with her...doesnt make any sense. We need the detail as to why you dont fit because you sound like you like her- hence why you dont find much titles saying I want to break up with someone I love because people dont tend to do that-if ever. So it is so bad that you need to break up with the girl-if you know what it is and its not reconcilable then tell her whats going on honestly so she doesn't blame herself. the cliche its not you its me won't be a good one. But honestly this question really lacks detail what you should be asking is 'should I break up with someone I love'

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  • If you're 100% sure you want to end things, meet up with her and tell her just what you posted here.

  • I don't think you should if it's upsetting you. So don't break up with her.

  • Care to elaborate on "we're on two totally different levels"

    • My pleasure. First off, she's great. Any man would be happy getting a shot from her. She's her own person, ambitious, intelligent, and loves to snuggle. But, there's another side too. She's a bit controlling, aggressive, a tad bit overbearing, and if she wants information from you about something, there's no such thing as "I don't want to talk about it right now." She doesn't respect boundaries, and will beat you into submission until she has the information she needs. It's very much a take the good with the bad type situation. Personally, that's not my communication style, and I don't treat people, the way she does. So yea... I have a dilemma.

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    • You can't let her manipulate you like that. She knows she's doing wrong but chooses to ignore it and continue. You can't change her. You must let her go.

    • You tried, she refuse to listen and change for the better. Don't feel guilty

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