Would a guy say he wants to see you again if he actually doesn't?

Hey! So I met a go over a week ago! And he lives In a different city. We really clicked, and we have been texting a lot, getting on, he mentioned doing it again but I haven't mentioned it until last night as I felt our communication was getting a bit samey, I mean, there's only so much u can say and be satisfied with over texts! I just felt like I had to ask if he was wanting to see me again, so he could say yes or no and I'd be fine. I'd just rather know. I text saying:

Do u want to see me again, or?

He replied saying: I am wanting to see you again, course! We got on really well :)

Is he palming me do off or does he not have the guts to say the truth. I haven't replied and In all honesty don't think I will even though I really like him :( x


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  • I think you're reading into things

    but... I have been out with people who say they wanted to go out again and then they disappeared or reneged on what they said. so it's possible that a person will say they want to do something again even though they don't. BUT I don't think, from what you've written, that you can make that final decision in your case yet

  • Yes I think a guy would say he wants to see you again, even if he doesn't want to. But it depends on the guy.

    He could be the type of guy where he says the truth. Or he could possibly be saying that he wants to see you again just to let you down lightly. Its really hard to say.

    If you like him, then whats the harm in trying? Try asking him when he wants to hang out next? Try to make plans.


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