Does he really want a relationship or something else?

I met this guy in a party and we talked drinked and end up making out for a long time.. We changed numbers and when we were saying goodbye he kissed me really passionately also for a long time. Then he called we met and he said he would like to spend more time with me, while he was saying this he was always with his hands on my waist and pulling me closer, we were tallking really closed to eachother, he was always teasing me, he tried to kiss me and he huged me really tightly. I was wondering if he really want to have something with me or just end what we started, leading to sex, i have this question because he's five years older than me and i really don't know how an older guy thinks.
*He's 22


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  • Sounds like he wants to have sex with you, but you'll never know until you start to get to know him. If he doesn't want to take you out on a few dates then it's obvious where his mind's at.


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  • he wants to use you for sex from the sound of it.
    And why are so many people having sex with random strangers after drinking in a party these days? lol


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