Would you keep doing the wrong that you do if this happen?

If a thunderous voice came from the sky and shook the whole planet. And said I am God and I want you to stop doing the wrong your doing whether it is killing, stealing, homosexual acts or whatever. Would try your best not to do it anymore? Or would you keep doing it? And if you saw other people keep doing it and notice every time they intentionally did something wrong, they just died. Would you continue to do wrong things like homosexual acts, stealing, killing, and etc?

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  • i would do it if i did not die when i did it

    make sence?

    • Don't know what you believe or not. But it sounds like if there was proof that there is a creator which is God and he told you to stop doing something, you will still continue to do what you wanted as long as there were no consequences. Interesting!

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    • that is completly right

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What Girls Said 3

  • If he specifically said stop doing homosexual acts I would think it was a christian prank. And even if it wasn't I wouldn't listen to a god that would be so hateful to the people he supposedly created. I would hate the fact that I was made by a homophobic god. I would gladly go to hell than be with him

    • So you would burn in hell for eternity?

    • If god thinks I'm a bad person because I respect and support my fellow human beings, then yes I would.
      I'm not gay myself, I am nice to people, and I don't rape or murder others, and i he never done anythinghorribly wwrong. If god thinks this is the type of person that deserves to 'burn for eternity' then so be it I guess? And kudos to god for making people specifically to damn them to hell.

    • @Opinion Owner, Thanks for the reply.

  • I'd have myself committed for hearing voices.

    • Thanks for the reply.

  • Well, I'm biseuxal and there's no real way to /stop/ being bisexual? I can't just wake up one day and go "huh, god told me to, so I'll just stop liking girls from now on".

    But killing and stealing- those are wrong things! I would never do them.

    • Thanks for the reply.

What Guys Said 1

  • I would continue to do what I do, which is trying my best not to do what *I* consider wrong. Bullshit is still bullshit, delivered in a thunderous voice from the sky or not.

    • Thanks for the reply

    • Don't know what you believe or not. But it seems like if there is proof that there is a creator which is God. A all knowing being that knows better than you.. It sounds like you would go by what "YOU" think regardless and do what "YOU" want to do regardless. Interesting! I used to do what I wanted to do when I was a child and my parents punished me because they knew better. You wouldn't be afraid of any consequences? Or would you treat God like a slave master or something? Just curious.

    • Yes, I don't aknowledge authority just because it happens to share a few traits with the authority someone else surrendered to. Especially not if it comes yelling batshit crazy stuff like "you're gonna die cause you have a tattoo" or "burn the guy who ate shellfish, he is unclean". In the end I will have to consider what is right and wrong anyway, regardless of who points fingers in what direction. Simply submitting to authority without questioning it, whatever it may be, is the truly immoral thing to do.