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Ok here's the situation ladies sorry if this is a little long but please this means a lot to me :) there's an amazinhg girl andrea I really like, to start. This is the story, we were hanging out for a bit and I started to like her. I made some moves and she decided to have a private convo with my sister about me. Well I kept making moves and eventualy tried to kiss her. She politely brushed me off and it seemed I'd been friendzoned. Well I broke contact because the friendzone sucks. We've ran into eachother a few times and shed say hi and either acted nervous or wanted a hug and I was polite and responded but then i went and did my own things. I've done this for three months and just recently decided to talk to her the other day when I seen her. She was happy to talk to me and brought up spending time with me. I'm determined to try and win her and need advice. There's major things about her and stuff she said that puts her aside from all girls I've met so far so I really want to at least try being with her. One major thing, I'm an epileptic and she told my sister that if we were together and I had a seizure she'd take care of me instead of being creeped out. So please, amazing things have happened for my life and its changed since before. I just want a wonderful girl to stay with now


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  • I feel like she wants to see how it goes cuz she wouldn't ask to hang out if she wasn't interested. Just hang out and see how things go. See if she flirts with you and you should try to flirt but not to much to make it to obvious. She obviously likes spending time with you or she wouldn't of asked to hang. You can't make someone like you you just have to let it happen. After some time you should ask her on a date instead of making a move and if she says yes she's interested. And that's when you can make your moves :) good luck

    • So are you saying if things go right that instead of trying to kiss her just straight up ask her on a date?

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  • Ask your sister what they talked about?

    Were her and your sister friends? Maybe, you sister isn't okay with you dating her friend. It's weird to me, that she would talk to your sister about you.

    Also, guys constantly fall in the friendzone when they're too available. Don't be a dick, let her know you're thinking about her. Ask her to go to dinner, or a movie. Her response will let her know how she feels about you.

    Also know, that if she doesn't return your feelings, it's okay. You'll be okay. This girl, isn't the only girl in the world who is going to like you. She isn't the only girl in the world who is going to have these amazing qualities you see. Don't spend too long not making a move because she'll see you as not interested and friendzone you.

    Ask her out, let her know how you feel. You'll only regret it if you don't.

  • Well seems like she likes you maybe she was just nervous. Talk to her though confirm you do like her. See how it goes from there. Like I said she could of just been nervous and probably wasn't intentionally rejecting you especially if she pulled your sister aside to talk. I think she cares about you a lot. You should definitely talk to her! :)

  • Awww!!! Has she given you vibes that she likes you what did she tell your sister

    • She pulled my sis in a bedroom and asked if I was flirting with her. They talked sup stuff about me and she said she wanted to get to know me and see how it goes. My sis told her about my condition and she said what I mentioned. Well of course even though it was supposed to be a private convo my sister told me everything lol. That's how I know

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    • How about this. She wanted to go shoot my handgun with me and play with my puppy. I was thinking about saying if she hits a bullseye ill buy her dinner. I can see how determined she is lol

    • Awww that sounds cute... But either way buy dinner

  • you're the guy, go and tell her you like her. then give her some time to proccess it. She most likely will let you know by her actions thereafter!


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