What do you look for in a girl?

what are something's you look for in a girl? And what are some deal breakers?


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  • Likes, sense of humour. She doesn't have to be the life of the party but she has to be able to take a well meaning joke.
    Genuine. Honest. Sincere. Feminine but not overly 'girly', meaning she has to be willing to get her hands dirty once in a while. Simply looking after herself and others. Comfortable within herself to be herself and allow me to be myself.

    Deal breakers, back stabbing, anybody. Being nice to people's faces then bitching behind backs. I hate it. Can't stand it. I despise being around these people. It's a character trait I simply cannot trust. Superficiality. Valuing "stuff" such as jewellery, gifts etc. over spending time together.


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  • A girl with great personality
    A girl who lacks sarcasm
    A girl who has no anger issues
    No addictions to illegal drugs
    No alcoholism

    • Sarcasm in an angry woman really is unattractive. It's the equivalent of an angry man with a temper, a real turn off. Stay away and give them space to sort their issues out.

  • Attraction, sexual compatibility, mutual interests and common goals. Oh, and (massive underline) working communication. Dealbreakers are things where you want the opposite thing/incompatible things and these things are too important for one or both of us to be unable to simply overlook/ignore the issue.

  • Changes on the day and stage of life. To the today:

    1. Entertaining
    2. Genuine
    3. Imaginative

  • Overall personality.
    A beautiful smile , good hair do , and dressing sense.

    Obviously bad breath or strange behaviour.
    If she is not good in bed.


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