Second date, now I feel like we're about to fall off...?

Hey Everybody,

So this happens quite frequently to me, but here's the latest chapter of my story. So, I have no problem meeting girls. Do that all the time. But basically my interactions with these girls never flourishes to anything more than a date or two.

Here's the story. I met this girl about a 3 weeks ago, and I thought she was beautiful. She asked to add me on FB (after I got her number) and was asking me a lot of questions through text, so I figured she was interested. So, we went on a date later that week. It went pretty well. We made out, held hands and so told me she had an amazing time.

After that, we talked/texted everyday and I set up a second date. That date went well too. More kissing, holding hands, good conversation etc. So, I texted her two days later and got no response. This was strange to me because she's never not responded before. I know that it's just one text, but I have a feeling that we're about to fall off for whatever reason (seeing that she's always responded before). And I'm also pretty sure that she has no shortage of guys trying to talk to her; thus making me believe that if I don't establish myself as someone she's serious about, she just find another guy to talk to.

It's happened many times before, and if history repeats itself she'll communicate less and less and we'll eventually stop talking. What do you all think I should do from this point. Continue to purse her, or just sit back and wait until she responds to me? Sorry for the novel.


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  • I think what it is is that she might not be moving at the same pace that you are. Also, she might not be used to giving up her time to text you that often, so she might just be giving you a hint to ease off on the texting a little. I don't know bro, just my theory. I also get clingy like that sometimes and overthink when I don't get a reply. I feel you cx

    • Haha. Thanks bro. I'll just chill for a while and see what happens.

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  • I'd say give her a bit of space for a few days and don't make any effort to contact, see if she goes online on Facebook in the meantime and see if she posts any statuses etc. Then in a few days if she hasn't contacted then just text her like normal and see if she responds. If she doesn't respond don't bother chasing her, just give her space and let her come to you...

    • Yea, she's always posting stuff on FB and instagram. I was actually on instagram shortly after I texted her and she had posted a pic. I was like damn, guess she just straight up ignored my text. But yea, that's a good idea. I won't contact her for a while and see what happens. If she's still interested, she'll say something. If not...oh well. lol

  • Call her for a friendly chat and follow up at the end with a confirmation of the next date you're gonna ask her on
    It'll get her chatting and laughing with you again having a good time over the phone and she will remember you're a good catch


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