Guys what are some things you may expect a woman to do if you have been hurt, and you are afraid to date again?

Can you figure out any things you may expect from a new girl trying to come in your life, and she likes you, that you may expect her to do to prove she won't hurt you?

If you've been hurt in the past, and are afraid to date again, but there's a girl who really likes you, would you play games with her to see if she was like the others who hurt you?

Would you push her to the friend zone?

I hope I am asking this correctly. Please feel free to ask for clarification.



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  • Honestly i would be afraid still.. she will definitely have to prove to me through her actions that she really likes and cares for me otherwise i would probably start doubting her. That guy you're trying to get with is probably a little insecure and so he will definitely need reassurance. And i don't think i would push her into the friendzone. If i notice that she is starting to get in the friendzone i would do what i can to stop that. Especially if i feel like she is putting me in the friendzone.


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  • She would need to proof she won't do that to me.
    Not trough a series of tests but just by being herself. When we come in a situation where the previous girl hurted me and she doesn't that makes me trust her more.

    • But when do u reach that point, because you're always going to have to take a leap of faith that it will work out.

    • Depends on how deeply you are hurt.
      And yes the feeling might not go away completely but in my case i trust her enough that i can put it aside.
      You shouldn't avoid the situations and take the bit of faith in situations where you can because thats the best way to proof for them they aren't like that.

  • I do not expect her to do anything. I will most likely be more cautious and I will look more closely at her actions. There is nothing she can do. She is not an actor, be who she is and if we work out then wala..but definitely more cautious

    • So what type of behaviors do you do differently. You say take caution, how?

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    • umm ok =)

  • Id be very careful. Honestly try to start it as a sexual only relationship and see where it goes from there

  • I never punish the new woman in my life for the mistakes of a previous one. So, no I wouldn't play games nor would I friendzone the girl in question (if I liked her). It would be business as per usual.

    • That's what I like to hear!

    • This kind of behaviour is self-defeating, nothing good can come of it. If a guy is acting like how you described, it's best to leave him to his own devices.

    • Yes That Sounds Like Very Sound advice.

  • I expect for the worse and hope for the best. I don't rely on anyone emotionally or financially or in any other way. So no I don't expect anything of her.


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