Why is it that all my friends have either dated someone or are currently dating someone, but I haven't dated anyone?

I am 17 and haven't dated anyone. I haven't gone on a date, I haven't even held hands with someone. All my friends have. I haven't even had a guy I like, like me back. Only weird guys seem to like me. I like a guy right now but I think he sees me just as a friend. I don't ever act like I like someone because they won't like me back. What could it be?


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  • Guys like to feel they have dominance over girls. At your age their self-confidence is quite fragile and easily over-powered and will pass you up for girls that submit to their "charms". Weird guys like you because either they don't want to be dominant or are unfazed by your aloofness.

    When you get older and guys have more solid self-confidence they will as @Annybell says "be drawn like moths to a flame."


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  • It's not your looks.

    What kind of personality do you have?

    • I'm outgoing, loud, very sarcastic (if you don't know me very well you might get hurt by what I say), funny, and can be very mature when it is time to be.

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    • I meant flirts**

    • Don't have to hang all over them, but a little flirting will give you more sex appeal, make you seem more attractive to them.

  • Who are you in the pic? I think the 3rd one> is one I'dd give a go

  • "I don't ever act like I like someone"

    That's why. Even if a guy likes you, if he thinks you don't like him, he won't approach you. Why would he? Because he likes being rejected?


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  • I never got asked out in high school. If people liked me I was bloody oblivious. But now I get asked out enough that it is annoying... Your time will come. Just focus on being the best person you can be and guys will be drawn like moths to a flame.