Guys, what are the steps to getting a gf?

Guys, what are the steps to getting a gf? I'm very regimented so if the steps are explained it'll be more clear for me. Thank you


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  • There are no definite steps, because we're human beings and not robots. It's not like we'll go "oh, he missed step 4, so that totally means he's not boyfriend material". But there are things you can do that'll help.
    - Dress nicely (you don't have to wear designer clothes or anything, just make sure your clothes are fresh, without holes in them and styled appropriately).
    - Have good over all hygiene (take care of yourself, eat healthy, shower thoroughly, brush your teeth, floss, take care of your nails etc)
    - Be happy (smile a lot) and outgoing, be the best you that you can be
    - Don't worry about rejection, that'll make you too nervous and awkward (also try to not let rejection get to you, bitterness and anger is unattractive)
    - Don't brag or act too cocky
    - Don't be rude, don't make inappropriate jokes, don't be overly sexual right off the bat.
    - Make your intentions clear by flirting almost immediately when you meet a girl you like. This will make it less likely for you to fall in the friendzone category, or at least you won't have to waste too much time on her if you can't see her like a friend.
    - Actually befriending some girls might come in handy. They can set you up with their girl friends if they think you're compatible, so make a good impression. However, don't befriend them solely because of that. You can in general never have too many friends.
    - Don't come on too strong in the beginning, but don't act aloof either. Be interested, but let her have her space every once in a while.

    That's about it, I think. Oh, and practice, practice, practice.

    • Here's where I'm confused, I was told to be friends with women I'm interested in romantically

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    • Do people still use the word date when asking a girl out

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  • Step one: Get off GAG.

  • There are steps?

    • There are steps to everything in life

    • I thought you meant things in order. That you have to do to have a gf

    • That's what I meant

  • Being friends with her and falling in love due to common interests/ the right hormones

    • That's how it tends to work while you're in school, post school, it can happen, but its less common.

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    • So then what? My right hand?

    • find someone who likes similar things. You know people like end up with people who are alike them

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  • 1. girls do not think like guys and so this steps idea is not the best. However, I will share my thoughts.
    my advice:
    1. You see a girl you go talk to her now if she enjoys your interaction you continue talking..ask her about her interest see what you can learn about her and then relate to her interests if they do really interest you. Do not tell lies and do not be dishonest about who you are.
    2. After you have had some interactions ask her if she would like to do something. You can suggest it as a group date. If she says she is busy, don't give up. Do not be pushy but maybe she is a little reserved and not quite so sure yet. Look at her actions and how she responds to you. Then ask her out if she would like to do something fun and neutral. maybe a movie maybe miniature golf, something that interest both of you (maybe that is horse back riding).
    3.You continue to talk to her and see how she responds and keep asking her if she would like to do something else that may be fun. Now I would make sure that you are not the only one contacting and initiating and that you do not pay for everything. Some girls will just enjoy the free ride.
    4.As you continue to talk and get to know one another better, you can ask her out in a romantic or creative way. Unless she is not that type of is all subjective depending on the type of girl.

  • 1) Be extremely good looking after all, women are shallow and only care about looks.

    2) Be rich because little or no money means no dates

    3) Be super tall like 6'3-7'0ft

    4) Be a complete tool, douche, jerk etc to everyone you know and don't know

    5) Have a 10 inch penis

    6) Drive a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche or some other highend car

    7) Commit a crime after all women love guys with prison records

    8) Get lots of Tattoos

    9) Get lots of piercings

    10) Wear wife beaters 24/7

    There you go my 10 steps in getting a GF. by the way if any girl on here calls me a liar she just can't admit the truth.

    • With all due respect I have to disagree. I have friends who don't have anything on that list and they have total babe's

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    • Not at all

    • Oh come on you know I'm right lol.

  • meet a girl, manifest attraction, show interest, be affectionate, action more meetings. If that continues to mutual satisfaction it should lead to a relationship.

  • step 1 - know her
    step 2 - talk to her
    step 3 - take her out
    repeat step 3 x 10000 times
    step 4 - while doing step 3, develop a bond COMMUNICATION
    step 5 - pay for dinners, movies, jewlery, small tokens
    step 6 - girlfriend

  • 1. Be likeable
    2. Like yourself
    3. Meet someone you appreciate and appreciates you so much that a romantic relationship is mutually beneficial
    4. Make a move
    5. Profit

    • What's a move?

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    • I thought made a move meant kissing, touching

    • Technically by making move I meant initiating a romantic relationship, once it's been established through some sort of courting mechanism such as dating and time spent together that it is the reasonable choice. "Dating" is pretty much a part of step 3 : getting to know each other, establishing connection, that also includes getting closer and closer and giving more hugs, but possibly no kisses.

  • Is your age legitimate?

    Do you work? Who do you live with?

    What country are you in?

    • QA, the reason i'm harping on age, is that for 30 year olds, being friends first is not the normal path. Most 30 year olds have enough friends, aren't looking to make new friends, don't have wild expanding social groups like they did as students. They MAY meet people that way, and the people they meet through common activities (sports leagues, clubs, etc) do have a higher chance of working out, but there's just not that many people like that.

      By contrast, if you meet some woman - at an event, at a bar, at a party, in line in a store - and you like her, you don't 'become friends first'. Grown up dating is the stage where you are getting to know each other but in the clear context of 'seeing if this goes to a relationship'. Young people sort of don't actually date - they just become friends, if they like each other, bam, they're a couple.

    • So what are the steps?
      #1 and its big - be the best version of you possible.
      #2 be places single women are. That includes online, also includes... well depends on your interest. Leave the house. often.
      #3 talk to people. Ideally not just women, but including women you find attractive.
      #4 if those women engage fairly cheerfully in conversation, try gentle flirting
      #5 if flirting received well, ask them out. coffee, a drink, whatever. Or if you've managed to chat about a mutual interest, say you're doing something, invite them to join you.
      #6 go on a date. Chat, get to know her, be asking yourself how much you like her, because you can find more women to go on dates with, you're not needing to impress, you're are deciding if you like her, while she does the same. Keep flirting too.
      #8 if you like her, a few dates in, you've gotten a little physical at least kissing, you discuss being exclusive.

  • Steps to get a gf:
    1) Being honest with intentions.
    2) Wear smart.
    3) Practice good verbal n body language skills.
    4) Humor, charm.
    5) Being process oriented rather than result-oriented.
    6) Have fun.
    Good Luck

  • 1) Set a target
    2) Create a social value
    3) Single out
    4) Approach
    5) Enjoy

  • stop being beta

  • Confidence, dont seem dull or lame, and tell the truth with confidence even if its ugly.

  • 1. Fix your looks.
    2. Learn the skills of flirting with and seducing girls. Yes, approaching girls is a skill.
    3. Do it.

    • Looks are fine. Explain number 2

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    • I tell you these sites you recommend tell us to put women in their place and your response was "ok then" kind of like you condone that behavior.

    • Don't know. Don't care

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