How to make this more intimate? First date was good, but nothing happened.?

Okay, so when I say nothing happened I mean there wasn't really any intimacy. But first, lemme just set the stage.

We're both in high school, just finished our sophomore year. I'd never asked a girl out before, so I was pretty nervous. We sort of talked before this, and we had like one class together. So on the last day, we were talking as we walked by her next class, and she turned to go, but I realized that was my last chance, so I stopped her and said, "hey [name], I was thinking we should hang out this summer". She said, "okay, sure!" And we exchanged phone numbers.

The evening of the following day, I texted her, we chatted, and I asked if she wanted to do something that Sunday. She said sure, how about coffee? I said sounds good.

Fast forward a few days, I texted her again to set up a specific time of day, and we texted for a while. We met the next day. She was already there with her coffee when I showed up, but I figured it was fine. We had a good time, walked around downtown, talked. She said her mom gave her money, and something about not wanting me to have to pay. This bothered me inside a little, probably because I'd rather pay if I can.

Anyways, I texted her yesterday, she's all for another date. I said, "you want to go out again this weekend?" She said, "sure :)" so we set it up. I wanted to see what she felt like doing this time, and she wants to meet for lunch. I said sounds good!

I've included all this because I'd never asked anyone out before, and I'm not sure what all the stuff means. Anyways, my biggest worry is that this'll just become a "friends" thing we do.

I really like this girl, pretty sure she likes me (from texts, etc.), and we've known one another for a while, and I think she's really thrilled that I've shown interest in her, but what if we never actually do anything? Plx help, thanks in advance!


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  • Start small. Break the touch barrier with a touch to the arm or knew, something harmless. If she's cool with that, I would say try holding hands or putting your hand on her back. She'll get the signals.

    • Thanks! This helps a lot.

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