"accidental" touching and holding hands, what's your rule of thumb?

I have went out on two dates with this girl, the first one was a 2 hour lunch, and last night was just us playing pool. Everything thus far has been great, on the phone or on the dates time flies by. The first date was us talking about ourselves and getting comfortable, and after us spending hours on the phone a few times I wanted to just have fun, so I suggested pool and we definitely had fun.
The problem I am having is that I have not made any physical contact, you know the "accidental" stuff or held her hand etc. There is tons of us getting very close to each other, we even walk together close enough to hold hands but don't.
I guess I'm just scared she is reading in I don't like her in that way because I haven't done that. It hasn't happened because it's the last area I'm still kind of awkward in, and every girl I dated always did this stuff on the first date. I guess the big question is should I just let things keep progressing as they are and let it take place, or address it the next time we talk or get together? Love to hear any similar stories or how you got over this


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  • Hold hands most girls like that.


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