Why did my ex friend tell me she was pregnant?

Why did my ex friend tell me she was pregnant? Like we haven't been friends for like a year. It ended do jealously. Everyone would tell me she was jealous of me.
She randomly told me she was pregnant. Like I really don't care


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  • It really depends on what's going on in her life right now. For example, if she doesn't want this baby, she probably told you because she wants your advice. Depending on how close you two were, it may have something to do with her wanting you to know because she wanted to be friends with you again. Maybe she wants to turn to you for support.
    Or maybe she wants to make you jealous for some reason, esp if you're wanting a baby.

    • I don't want kids nor marriage. She knows this. Lol
      We were friends since middle school. I'm 22 and she's 21!
      She's married if that helps

    • then she probably wants you to be there for you. She's probably trying to mend the broken ties between the two of you and just doesn't know how to do it, and is hoping that telling you about her pregnancy will start that.

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